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  1. As I am trying to manually create polygons in cross-sections (by matching materials) in GMS 7.1, it shows the message "Error: Arcs cannot be created with the same beginning and ending point." Please provide the solution at the earliest.
  2. I work in GMS 7.1. There I can easily find the option for assigning the head stages for rivers. However, in GMS 6.5, I am unable to find the same option. It merely shows the option to input flow rate for the river. Please help.
  3. Even after running MT3DMS, I can't find the MT3DMS folder in the Project Explorer, and select the 'species' data and can't see the time step list. Please help. The second pic shows the saple run from the user manual what is desired.
  4. I could get the option this time. Must have erred somewhere before. But I'm not getting the MT3DMS folder now to select the 'species' and then the 'Time step window'.
  5. Thank you for your efforts. I would try starting from the scratch. Must be erring somewhere. Hope it does work out then.
  6. Yes it shows up that way. I already stated that. But after that, when I go to the Feature Objects to choose MAP->MT3D layers, this Bug error dialog is displayed, the image I just uploaded in the last post.
  7. Yes. I did initiate that first of all. Then in the Basic Transport Package, defined the species, set ouput control, selected the packages and defined the stress periods. However, when I go to the 'Conceptual Model Properties' dialog by double-clicking on the Model in the Project Explorer, and then define the species using the option available there, the 'Recharge Conc.' option shows up in the Polygon Properties dialog. But, in that case, arises another problem. GMS goes off and a 'Bug Information' dialog is displayed.
  8. Even after toggling on the Recharge Conc. option in 'Areal Properties' in the Coverage setup, I can't find the same option while trying to assign the recharge conc. after selecting a polygon. Please help.
  9. As I'm trying to convert the materials to horizons, its showing some error. Also, how did you build solids from boreholes?
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