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  1. It works perfectly! Thank you very much Todd! Pablo
  2. Hello! I have a mesh file in the .2dm format, supported by SMS. I wish to use it in a SRH-2D simulation. The file is opened correctly by SMS, however I cannot seem to be able to link it to the simulation in the project explorer. The option "link to" is not available when I right-click on the mesh. How can I solve this problem? Thank you, Pablo
  3. It depends on the flow characteristics, the terrain and the type of BC you choose For the inflow BC, depending on the initial conditions,topography and BC type, SRH will bring water inside the model on the available length. It is more noticeable on the outflow bc. If you use either BC (red or yellow), SRH will evacuate water on the available cells. And it all depends on the type of BC you choose. For example for a top of riverbank at 40m ; if your D/s BC is "exit-h" at 30m, the flow will most probably stay in the riverbed and be evacuated only on the cells neigboring the BC ; if it is "exit-h" at 50m, the river flood outside its bed and will use more cells of the BC. Hope this helps, Pablo
  4. Hello! I recently came back to SMS/SRH-2d after an unfortunate TELEMAC period. I previously used SRH-2D v2 and, during the processing, a window included a plot of the "residual monitoring" (figure). This figure helped me know the simulation convergence in real-time. However now that I am using SMS 12.2.12 with SRH-2D this window has disapeared... How can I get it back? Also, is there any way to display the Courant Number and inflow/outflow in real-time? I would be interested to know how the community follow the progress of their simulations. Thank you ! Pablo
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