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  1. After getting a new PC with a Nvidia M4000 graphics, SMS is crashing. Last year we had the same Problem with a Nvidia K600 graphics. After removing that one, the problem was solved... until getting the new PC with the M4000. SMS is frequently crashing when creating a nodestring, exactly when trying to select the first node. After it was not possible to solve that problem for the K600, beside removing that one, now the question if anyone experienced the same problem with a Nvidia graphics and if anyone has found a solution. Currently we are testing different driver for the craphics. I
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. Usually the boundary condition is "zulauf" (inflow). The angle of flow direction is required. I have some more questions and comments to your answer... 1. "directions as part of their attributes": Those attributes are stored in the 2dm and actually stored by the order of nodes(?). An actual angle is not saved in the attributes. Is that correct? How and where is the the direction saved, if I reverse the direction of the nodestring? 2. "direction is identified by two arrows" If I reverse the direction of the nodestring the angle of the no
  3. I have got three basic question: The angle in the angle of the nodestring in the status windows is measured from which axes? East an ccw does not fit and there is no descrition in the SMS manual...or I am not able to find it. The second question: the direction of the nodestring maybe reversed, but actually it is just reversing the arrows at both sides of the nodestring. The angle is not changed. But reversing the direction of creation, both angle and arrows are turned. In my understanding that would be actually reversing the direction. The last question: What function may the arrows
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