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  1. Hi Bill I've already tried also the "save native text copy" but it didn't work. I will contact the support
  2. Hi One of our client want to open a modflow 2005 model created on GMS with the model muse application. I've done the "export native Mf2k text " from GMS to have the modflow files. But when they do the import of the mfn file with model muse they have a message error and the import is stopped. Have you heard of this issue ? Thanks
  3. Hi, If I use the auto-assign function for implementation a "Specified flow = 0 " to cells (for example along an arc) it appears like a "Well condition" in GMS. Is it the way that Modlfow deals with this boundary condition or it is a implementation of GMS ? Can you precise this ?
  4. Hi, I need to know if it's possible (and how) to export with GMS grid parameter data of a model into shapefile such as : - Ibound - Hydraulic conductivity, Anisotropy - Porosity, Ss I've already exported CCF file with the Export function (see my previous topic) but it didn't include all the modflow code/parameters. Can you help ? Thanks
  5. Great ! It works ! When I open the shapefile on QGIS I have numerous column with the label "parameter"+A. For example after the "FLOWFRONT" column there is a "FLOWFRONA" column . Can you tell what is it ?
  6. You absolutly right Alan.Thanks Now I was wondering if there is a way to export the information of the ccf file in a shapefile format to visualize it in a GIS application ? Cause when we do the " Export the 3d Grid" into a shapefile we not have all the information (like flows, river leakage...).
  7. I've tried this method but two problems: - my model is too big (1 584 800 cells), I cannot use the copy/paste function (GMS stall...) - I need to have the flows of every faces of the cells and not of the center of cells I've tried also the function CCF>Datasets but it's only gave me flows of Right, Front and Lower faces. Do you have any other suggestions ?
  8. Hi everyody, I work with GMS 10.1. I need to export the information of flows of a steady state model realised on Modflow 2005 with GMS. Is there a way to recuperate a file in ASCII form (or equivalent) with flow values of every faces of the mesh's of the grid ? Thanks for your help
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