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  1. Hi, I still have the same problem but with another model this time. The problem happens when I add additional parameters for the PEST-estimation. No difference between a PEST calibration with SVD or SVD-assist. Any ideas on how to solve this issue would be appreciated. I run GMS 10.3.5. Jonas
  2. This error still seems to be present when running Stochastic Modflow. I still get the same error message as described above. There is no difference if all solutions converges or if there are a few solution that are not converging. The model works perfectly fine in a forward run. I use the NWT solver. Any ideas on how to solve this issue?
  3. Thanks for your advice Michal. I have tried your suggestion with ADDREG1 but GMS writes over the control file when a new run is initiated. Any suggestion on how to bypass this issue?
  4. Hi, stupid question but how do I change from estimation mode to regularization mode in GMS? I have tried to use the PARREP utility to make a change in the pst (PEST control file) file but GMS keeps to run in estimation mode. I tried this and then the model was able to run once (really fast). I have however not examined the results with PESTCHEK. As I mentioned earlier, I have been able to make this work without fixed pilot points.
  5. Hi, I tried with your suggestion to turn off preferred homogeneous regularization but keeping preferred value on. Unfortunately it resulted in these error messages:
  6. Unfortunately not. Strange since the whole model works without fixed PP.
  7. I just tested the model again without parallel PEST and got the same error message: "pest has stopped working". I get this when I make a parameter estimation run with noptmax = -2. I also got this error message when from this run: The whole process before seems to work fine
  8. I tried both the nightly build and the latest update (10.3.4) but received this error message: The model works fine in NSMC with the NWT solver without fixed PP. Any ideas on how to solve the issue? Kind regards, Jonas
  9. 10.3.4? I can only see 10.3.3 from Sept 17 on the download list.
  10. Often when I initiate a PEST run with SVD-assist and NOPTMAX = -2 or -1 the process ends with the message "cannot find Jacobian array file". The process starts with a calculation of the Jacobian matrix: But ends like this: It always works when I run the model without pilot points. A forward run with the pilot points also works. I have managed to run both a parameter estimation and NSCM with SVD-assists before with the same model constraints but when experience this problem when I attempt to make changes in the model. Ideas on how to solve this issue?
  11. An update, my own model was possible to run after using the SUBREG1 utility in PEST. A problem is that my own model with a fixed pilot point is only possible to run for log-uniform distributions with the RANDPAR utility. When I try to create log-normal distributions in RANDPAR i get the error message seen in the screenshot below. Ideas on how to solve this issue are appreciated.
  12. I used Kriging for interpolation of the pilot points. Yes, that was the procedure for the tutorial file. When I run my own model something seems to go wrong with svd-assist since the sensitivity file for svd-assist is empty.
  13. An update on this matter. As suggested by Michal, I was able to run the PARREP and RANDPAR utility in PEST to create the *.par files for the different runs. Before running PARREP, I ran a parameter estimation run in GMS with NOPTMAX = -1 to create a *.bpa file. After running RANDPAR I was able to perform the normal procedure for a NSMC inverse calibration run in GMS. This worked out well for the NSMC tutorial with "sc1v56" as a fixed pilot points (keeping value 400 in screenshot below). I cross my fingers that it also works for my own model. However, I would appreciate if this procedure could work directly in GMS.
  14. Thank you again Michal. Now I was able to follow your suggested procedure with a fixed pilot point in the NSMC tutorial and it worked out quite good. Please refer to my other thread on this matter.
  15. I have problems running PEST NSMC with fixed pilot points. Both in my own model and in the NSMC tutorial files, I get the same error message "Cannot open parameter value file nsmcII_200_random_nul.par." and the simulation finishes without completing any iteration. Is this a bug i in GMS? Kind regards, Jonas
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