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  1. Hi, Am trying to force the cyclone wind using Holland's model, when i save the ctl file, the NWS is saved as NWS =-8 or NWS =-19, why is the negative value appearing here. Am using JTWC track for the cyclone wind. What I am currently doing is editing the NWS to a positive value and adding below mentioned line just above the RNDAY value. "2013 10 07 12 1 0.900000 ! YYYY,MM,DD,HH24,StormNumber,BLAdj What does StormNumber signifies? Is it the cyclone number of that particular year or is always "1". ? Thank in advance Maneesha
  2. Hi, Is it possible to create a semicircular arc boundary in the generic SMS module. Please help me in this regards. Maneesha
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