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  1. I have a floodplain delineation map and i want to export to ArcGIS to create a poster. The tutorials donĀ“t show the process to generate the shape or raster. Thanks.
  2. jsopelana: To quit this error, downloadd the file "wmsras.exe" from the aquaveo site in downloads. Replace the file in wms folder.
  3. Thanks. I have a virtual machine, the 8.4 (january version) works in my Mac. Thanks.
  4. This year I used WMS 8.4 (February version), yesterday I had problems exporting my projects to HEC-RAS. Then download the update from August. Apply for a temporary AQUAVEO sent me a temporary password. When trying to activate the program displays the following message. "virtual machine or network lock server required" on the option LICENSE CODE* and I can not access the register. Only the option HARDWARE LOCK is active. I uninstalled the system and the message is always the same. What part should be configured in the system to activate the option HARDWARE LOCK to register the license code key?. The attach file is the window to register WMS. Sorry for my english.
  5. Hello. My WMS dont runs. When i start WMS 8.4, this message is shown c:\Programs files\WMS84\wms.exe The aplication has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail My computer is a laptop, 64-bits Operating System, Windows vista. Thanks!
  6. WMS 8.0 Tutorial: ftp://sftp.aquaveo.com/download/MODClark/...ktutorial80.pdf The link dont works. I need the tutorial to learn about the MOD Clarck method. Thanks
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