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  1. I'm getting a post processor error. OSError: Unable to open file (unable to open file : name "Case_XDFC.h5", errno = 2, error message = "no such file or directory". flags = 0, o_flags =0) Where is this file supposed to be created? I have never had this error before.
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    I'm monitoring a model and I can see that the peaks of my hydrographs have passed. There are still several hours of model to run. If I "Abort" the model, will I be able to post process and review the model simulation data that has been calculated. I should have investigated this earlier, but now with the model having run for hours, I don't want to lose that information.
  3. I resolved the issue, one of the nodes was at the junction between a patch mesh and a pave mesh. Needs to be full inside a "patch " mesh.
  4. I'm getting an error " Wrong IFACE matching occurred in structure_internal.f90 #4" Error code 139762 and the same error message with error code 51575. It seems the errors may be related to pressure flow boundaries. Do the error code numbers have any significance that would help me find the error? I've checked to see see that my pressure flow boundary arcs are properly attached to to the vertices in my mesh generating file. A "Patch" type mesh is assigned between the pressure flow arcs.
  5. The internal sink arcs are defined by two nodes and a couple of vertices. But the arcs are long, several thousand feet, so they cross many mesh cells. If you think that may be the cause I could probably shorted the arcs or split the flow between several shorter arcs. Thanks
  6. As in the title PreSRH-2D stopped due to the following "Number of nodes exceeded 500 in sec_str.f90 Weir_up Error Code is: 502" Immediately before this message, the Command Line box said "***TVF file is read in successfully" I do not have a weir in my model. The only thing I would suggest is unusual about this model is that it has "internal sinks" to simulate local run on in addition to the normal inlet Qs at the defined channels. Anywhere to suggest to start trouble shooting?
  7. I had a similar problem, my x and y stayed as feet, but SMS converted to z data to feet. The problem was that the raster data was already in feet so my imported data was off by a factor of 3+. After playing around for some time trying to reproject, etc.. etc... I ended up using 3D Analyst and using the Raster Math tool to adjust my z values.
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