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  1. What's the best method to prevent annotations from disappearing upon reopening my working file in SMS? Im having to re upload my annotations ( North Arrow etc.) each time I open up my project file.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. Kcornwell, I sent a email to the email address you specified with the project files so you could replicate my problem. Thanks.
  3. I am having problems when I assign the mannings n area using the area property coverage. The majority of the time when I draw out my polygon and then go to feature objects to build polygons, nearby areas will disappear. I didn't know if I was doing something wrong or if it was a glitch within WMS. Thanks.
  4. Chris, Thanks for the response! Yes, it would be helpful if you could possibly station the cross sections for the upstream and downstream bounding cross sections near the bridge according to bridge plan stationing or a known stationing. Then the rest of the cross sections would be calibrated according to the upstream and downstream stationing. This would make the HEC-RAS model more representative to the original stationing.
  5. Is it possible to calibrate the cross sections according to a datum (Thalweg or Left and Right banks), so that the cross sections have the same stationing as the stationing from bridge plans?
  6. Chris, Your second solution of recomputing my stations fixed the stationing for the cross sections and set them on the correct alignment. Thanks again!
  7. Chris, My cross sections that I have exported from WMS to HEC-RAS are not getting referenced over from the merged Lidar/survey data from WMS. I was working on inputting my bridge deck in HEC-RAS and quickly noticed that the channel for the upstream and down stream cross section were 300 feet or so off alignment. I noticed when you select a cross section that you can geo ref it by points. Will I have to go through each individual cross section and reference them in by points or is there a quicker alternative that will reference all the cross sections in when I extract the cross sections in WMS? Thanks!
  8. Thanks Chris! Hopefully you guys will have this feature included in the near future
  9. Chris, Is there a way to draw/input your ineffective flow area in WMS before exporting it into HEC-RAS? Thanks.
  10. Chris, You were spot on with the help! Thanks!
  11. I have merged survey scatter data with Lidar scatter data in SMS and either need to convert it to a raster or try to merge it to WMS. I need to get the data from SMS to WMS so I can set up a model in HEC-RAS. Is this possible? Thanks.
  12. Hey, I am trying to delineate a floodplain using WMS and HEC-RAS, but I need to ask a question about HEC-RAS. I'm trying to set my reach boundary conditions for steady flow based off a WS elevation according to a certain storm for HEC-RAS, but it only gives me the option of upstream or downstream reach boundary conditions. The problem I'm having is that the specified boundary condition I want to use is between my upstream condition and downstream condition. I have been having to break up the cross sections between the upstream and my specified point, my specified point and downstream cross sections since I can't specify where I want my known WS elevation to be. It only gives me the option of upstream or downstream to specify where I want my known WS elevation to be. It would be so much more helpful being able to delineate the whole project instead of having to break it up into 2 sections based off the known WS elevation.You may not be able to help me since this is more HEC-RAS involved but figured you would be able to help me out.Thanks.
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