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  1. Maybe try deleting the polygon within your mesh generator, rebuild polygons, then assign that polygon without the bias? just an idea I'm no expert.
  2. SMS SRH-2D Many times when I run a model I get an error saying code converged, and to try lowering timestep. However I get down into the 0.1 second time steps and my models take way to long to run (almost 9.5 hrs on the last one). So what does this convergence actually mean and are there other things I can do to help with this problem? Maybe increase or decrease mesh density? any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. When I go to run my model I get an error that says ERROR: input file does not exist! name: mycasename.dat note: the "mycasename" above is what ever I named the case in the Model Control. anybody know whats causing this or how i can fix it? I believe its something with the culverts I modeled in my boundary conditions because when I remove them from the boundary conditions (make duplicate and delete culverts but keep inflow and outflow arcs) the model then runs without this error. Any help would be great I attached a word doc with screen shot of the errors SMS error.docx
  4. First off I am new to using SMS so may be simple solution. Any help would be appreciated. So what happens is after "Save, Export and Launch SRH 2-D" the model seems to run then I get an "forrtl:severe (64): input conversion error, unit 1". If anyone has come across this problem or knows a solution for it please let me know
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