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  1. Tom said to mention this here on behalf of technical support. When exporting native text MODFLOW files, the files are not updated with new information. For example put new information into the MODFLOW | Global Options | Optional Packages | RCH package and click OK. Unless the project is manually saved after making the edit and before exporting the native text file those changes aren't saved, but users may not realize clicking OK doesn't update the files. It may be helpful for the user to receive a reminder that 'You have not yet saved your changes to the model. Would you like to save these changes before exporting the native files?' or something along those lines.
  2. Maneesha, Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. The bug you reported with the negative Node Wind Stress (NWS) values being recorded in the Asymmetrical Holland model has been verified and is currently being worked on by our development team. There should be a nightly build available with the bug fix within a few weeks to a few months. Feel free to email support@aquaveo.com to ask about any updates on the bug fix. Regards, Dillon
  3. You may find this Working With Borehole Data video helpful as well as the Borehole and Cross Sections Tutorial (PDF here and Zip Data here). You may also wish to check out our help page on GMS Interpolation and the T-PROGS method to understand how GMS uses borehole data for interpolation and the other interpolation methods as well as maybe figure out what may have gone wrong. The help page on Horizons to Solids discusses the Raster Catalog and the Borehole Interpolations Methods, and may also provide some helpful insight. Let us know if after running through the video and PDF tutorials and reading through the help pages linked and trying some ideas you found there if your interpolations still seems strange since it's hard to know what's happening without actually seeing your model.
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