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  1. Hello Dear all, I’m trying to run a transient model for ten years from 2006 to 2016.The flow budget in the aquifer is negative, Checking the information such as hydrodynamic coefficient shows that the hydrogeological condition changed after 2010 becuse of drawdown. Now I want to define the K (hydraulic coefficient) and Sy(specific yield) for two period separately. How can I define that in GMS? Any suggestion will be appreciated.... Best Regards Mina
  2. Hi An, you Have to change the name of your PEST project, Don't use any number and underline .....
  3. Hi Kpham Could you tell me, Which version of GMS do you used? Insert other media
  4. Hello all, I have run a model for 10 years with GMS 7.1 . One of the observation wells has only two years data and the total RMSE is 2.2 meter. Simulation and observation time series image is attached below. When I remove this observation well, RMSE reduced to 1 meter. Now I confused how the model compute RMSE? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Cheers
  5. Hello Dear Michal. Thank's a lot, The problem solved.
  6. Hello all, Using MODFLOW 2000 after the model is run I need head (groundwater level) data for each stress period in the list file. Unfortunately starting head is printed instead of head values. in the output control file (.oc) on the first and second line respectively I have written "HEAD PRINT FORMAT 2" and "HEAD SAVE UNIT 730" which I don't find them incorrect as I have used the same for another model which it’s list file had the head values correctly. Below is a sample of incorrect values (starting head) printed to my listing file for a specific row in two different stress periods. As it is obvious, the actives cells have the same values that represent the starting head. Stress period 220, row number 17: -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 1051.88 1051.36 1050.66 1049.86 1049.02 1048.36 1047.62 1046.65 1045.66 1044.89 1044.23 1043.44 1042.66 1042.22 1042.01 1041.94 1041.94 1042.02 1042.12 1042.19 1042.10 1041.91 1041.75 1041.67 1041.55 1041.31 1041.04 1040.83 1040.47 1039.62 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 Stress period 460, row number 17: -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 1051.88 1051.36 1050.66 1049.86 1049.02 1048.36 1047.62 1046.65 1045.66 1044.89 1044.23 1043.44 1042.66 1042.22 1042.01 1041.94 1041.94 1042.02 1042.12 1042.19 1042.10 1041.91 1041.75 1041.67 1041.55 1041.31 1041.04 1040.83 1040.47 1039.62 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 -999.000 Any suggestions will be appreciated. Best Regards. Mina
  7. Hello all; I'm using GMS and I need the List file ( .lst ) which it contains cumulative volumes for storage, constant head, recharge and wells. Does anyone know how to generate it? I have a list file from another project and due to the file's large size, a screenshot is attached here. Cheers Mina
  8. mina.88

    RCH output

    okay Michael, Thanks for your quick respond but this ASCII.dat file is just one time step and i want all of them together ( 168 Time steps ). Also i need cell properties along with the values. sincerely Mina
  9. Hello all, I used GHB boundary at three parts of the model that there are total flow in and out in flow bouget. But I want to compute the flow in and out of GHB boundary in each part. I don't know how can I compute that, if it is possible let me know what the workflow is? Sincerely Mina
  10. mina.88

    RCH output

    Hello all, I have run a model for 14 year's (168 Time steps) and I need the recharge values for each cell in all these Time steps together in one output. Currently As you can see in the attached screen shot I can only see the values for one Time step at a time. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Cheers Mina
  11. Hi Speedy I seen this problem. Change the name of the project and do not use numbers or points. Maybe solved.
  12. Dear sean, Thank you very much for you'r helping. acording to you'r idea, At first i corrected any errors that related to specified heads being below the bottom of a cells. and i difined initials head in first layer. in model checker, i dont have any error. periviosly this model run as one layer but now my model is a multiple layer with 4 materials includ of Coarse grain, Medium grain, Fine grain and Bedrock that divided into13 simulation layers and they are assigned with different boundary condition (specified and no flow boundary condition) with same hydraulic conductivities in vertical and horizontal directions and i dont khnow why my model has dried in many layers, Do you have any idea for preventing of dry cells in many of layers?? if it possible can i have you'r email address Best Regards mina
  13. ok sean and thank you. when i choose "By z location" option , the model has this errors'' the following observation wells were out side of the model grid and were not written to the *.hob file.'' so i choose "By layer number" option. but i couldn't understand, i have 2 option one of them is" from layer and to layer '' that i defined those as water layers and another one is layer and i don't know how defined that?
  14. Hello sean, yes that's right. the top layer is dry but when i use ''Recharge at highest active cell''option in recharge Package , the program can estimate the Recharge correctly. and all of specified heads in boundary defined for second layer to last layer. is that correct? Also i defined ''layer range'' for observation wells in conceptual model but in the attribute table i have ''layer'' column too, I dont know what is that? Any suggestions will be great. Thanks in advance. mina
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