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  1. I've found two solutions. Can either work with SRH-2D v.3 in partial interface mode OR use SMS 12.0 Beta. Hopefully this helps others who may be having the same problem as I was.
  2. Hello, I'm running SMS 11.2.11 and trying to get an unsteady model to run with the final result of a previous steady state model as its initial condition. My Initial Condition is set to Restart File, and I've selected the desired RST file, but when I click Save, Export, and Launch SRH-2D I get an error in the preprocessor stage. "Program Stopped due to: Wrong Entry! DRY RST AUTO or ZONAL is needed" is what Pre-SRH tells me. Any ideas why I might be getting this error? It seems like I gave the program the "Right Entry" to me. Thanks, Evan
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