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  1. I have had the same issue before. Could not open the project file after receiving this message. Anyone know what the issue is or how to fix it?
  2. I have merged two scatter sets and there are thin holes (internal boundaries) within the merged product, near the boundary where the two scatter sets intersect. I can reduce the number of voids by reducing the duplicate points tolerance, in the scatter set options, but I still have approximately 100 voids using the smallest tolerance that will run. I cannot re-triangulate because I have many long triangles representing a roadway embankment, which were created from a 3D Polygon Shapefile convert to Tin. These long triangles and roadway embankiment definition will be lost by triangulate. I have attached a plot showing a portion of the internal boundary created (boundary lines in blue). Anyone else had issues with holes/internal boundaries within merged scatter sets? Any advice on how to remove a large # of these. I likely can had delete points at the boundary but it will take a long time. Thank you for any guidance, Gary SMS Merge Scatter Internal Boundary.pdf
  3. You are correct, when I copied the boundary condition it did break the culvert links. I did go back and launch and reassign the culvert links, however, I still get the error message with the proposed conditions mesh. This was also done when copying the 100-year existing conditions to create the 50-year existing conditions boundary condition coverage, which runs after launching and reassigning the culverts using the same procedure tried with the proposed conditions mesh.
  4. I created an existing conditions SRH-2d Model (v 12.3.4) with 4 HY8 culvert structures in a 50-year and 100-year boundary condition, and the model runs well. Next a proposed conditions mesh was created to include a new railroad embankment located upstream of the existing railroad embankment. I copied the existing conditions boundary conditions file to create a proposed conditions file, as the existing conditions railroad and track will remain for proposed conditions. When I try to run the model I get the error message "Program stopped due to the following: MxVtFc limit has been exceeded in add_nbdf.f90, Error Code is: 4". Does anyone know what this error message means, or how to correct it? If I delete all the HY-8 Culverts out of the boundary condition coverage the model runs. If I add any culvert in any location or configuration to the boundary condition coverage, paired with the proposed conditions mesh, I always receive the above error message and the model stops. I have tried to use a new HY8 file and reduced the # of culverts down to one, but I always get this message. If I pair the proposed conditions boundary file (including culverts) with the existing conditions mesh it runs. I have attached some screen shots of the error messages. Gary SRH_2D Crash Print Screen.docx
  5. Good Afternoon, I am having some strange issues with SRH-2D Materials Coverages within SMS 12.2.9. I created a materials coverage within SMS by converting a shapefile and the new materials file appeared to be correct. When I modified some of the polygons (within the newly created materials coverage) and performed the build polygons function I got an error renumbering message and now some of the previously assigned material types seemed to have changed. In addition, the description in the task bar at the bottom of the screen gives a different material type than I just assigned for some of the polygons. I believe the assigned type is being used in the calculations, but need to look into this further to be sure. It is taking a long time to assign materials (5-15 sec) to open the materials dialog. Has anyone had similar issues or have any possible suggestions for a solution? Thanks, Gary
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