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  1. Hello Petrdusek, We at Aquaveo Technical Support can help with this issue. If you have followed the instructions for adding a TIN to the lake bathmetry from the LAK Package tutorial it should be outputting the elevations correctly. In our XMS Wiki page on the LAK Package it mentions using the Adjust Cell Elev. tool can cause instabilities in a model, if you have done this you can correct it by re-interpolating your top and bottom elevations. If neither of these are the cause, please email us (support@aquaveo.com) and we would be happy to send you a link where you can upload your files and then we can take a look at what is going on. Regards, Zack Aquaveo Technical Support (801) 691-5530 support@aquaveo.com
  2. Hello, This is Zack from Aquaveo's Technical Support staff. In AutoCAD you can create a line that represents your coastline, save the file, and then import it into SMS and convert to Map. More information on importing CAD Data can be found on the page on CAD Data on our XMS Wiki. Regards, Zack Aquaveo Technical Support(801) 691-5530support@aquaveo.com
  3. Hello, This is Zack from Aquaveo's Technical Support staff. HY8 often has a problem opening files that contain and spaces in the filepath, and it sounds like this might be the case. For instance the filepath "C:\Users\zfisher\Downloads\Bore holes\culvert.hy8" will cause the program to close but the filepath "C:\Users\zfisher\Downloads\Bore_holes\culvert.hy8" would read in fine. Try removing any spaces in your filepath to the *.hy8 file and see if that works. If not, contact us at support@aquaveo.com and we will work with you to resolve this issue. Regards, Zack Aquaveo Technical Support(801) 691-5530support@aquaveo.com
  4. Actually, there is a much more detailed list of ADCIRC file types and what they all mean our XMS wiki. Hope this is helpful! Regards, Zack
  5. Hello Tarveras, This is Zack from Aquaveo Technical Support, thank you for your questions. I'm not sure why there is a .nc or a .xmf file extension after your files, those normally don't appear. However if you have the original mesh file you should be able to pull these files in, the maxele.63 will be your max elevation and your maxvel.63 will be your max velocity. Regards, Zack
  6. Hello, This is Zack from Aquaveo Technical Support. I ran through the tutorial up to the point you are talking about and wasn't able to produce the same error. We can help figure out the problem, if you want to send an email describing the problem (copy and pasting your post is perfect) to support@aquaveo.com this would be the easiest way for us to quickly resolve the problem. Regards, Zack Aquaveo Technical Support.
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