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  1. Is there a way to bring in outputs of RT3D and MODPATH from GMS MODFLOW runs into AHGW? I would like to display the spatial distribution of plumes and Particle tracks through aquifers in 3D travelling through multiple layers of the model. Geovolume creation seems to be tailored to aquifers and borehole data and is not suitable for this purpose.
  2. Aquaveo: I am trying to create MODFLOW feature layers using Node2D and MODFLOW output tables (simulated heads). Due to the nature of the model there are over 1,000,000 nodes. When I run the tool, the program only processes about 25% of the data set and creates a feature class that does not cover the entire modeled area. I am using the trial version of AHGW and I am trying to evaluate whether or not it will be useful for displaying our GMS results in presentations to clients. This is a hiccup inthe process of interpolating a surface of GW head at a given time. Is there a solution to this, or a
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