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  1. Hello, I'm working the the MODRAT hydrology model. I was wondering if the Reservoir (or detention basin) routing feature is still included and, if so, if you had any more guidance on the feature. I see it is referenced in the "Schematic" MODRAT tutorial, but I just don't see where I can turn on the Reservoir Routing display option in the MODRAT parameters window. Is there a screenshot of this option anywhere? Or has it been removed? Thank you!
  2. I am currently working on the "Watershed Modeling - MODRAT Interface (Map-based)" tutorial. I have been stuck at the point where you apply rainfall depth and distribution to the drainage areas. I keep on following steps 1 through 6, but when I try to complete step 7, the rainfall depths are not applied to the drainage areas. See Steps below: "7.3 Rainfall Depth & Distribution AssignmentYou will now load a rainfall depth grid for the 25-year storm frequency for Los Angeles County and let WMS compute the average rainfall depth for each basin. Then you will assign a rainfall mass curve to the
  3. Chris, Thank you for your prompt response. I had a feeling this was the direction I would need to use, but wanted to verify with someone more familiar with the program. I will revisit those tutorials and try implementing the ideas in my model. Thank you again!
  4. I am working on a master drainage project for a city and I'm looking for some tips and suggestions for how to most efficiently use WMS. I am somewhat new to the program and I'm not quite sure how to accomplish what I want to model. Mostly, I will need to model master drainage channels and large storm drain pipes within the watershed. What is the best, most efficient way to input this data? We would also like to model the major culvert passings and road embankments. To further complicate things we are only modeling a portion of the city and there is another city uphill of this one whose drainag
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