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  1. Well, I finally solved the problema. It was basically not knowing well the new versión. Simply, I had all the data checked as "No projection", instead of Geographical projection. Thanks, anyway
  2. Hi, guys. This is to look for a bit of help. I am checking v11.2, and I am finding a problema. I usually work in UTM, but my data are on geographics. Well, versión 11.1 changed a bit the way of working, but finally I managed to see my data correctly. But in versión 11.2 I am finding a problem: I load my scatter data (geographical, WGS84) I reproject all to UTM-30-WGS84But how can I see it in the work projection? The option at the display menú has dissapear in 11.2! All what I managed is taking out the "W" and "N" labels in the coordinates, but the display shows the scatter data in geographics, not in UTM.Can you give me a hand, please? Thanks, Jose
  3. SMS 11.2!!

    1. JMedina


      I am diving on SMS v11.2. Things have changed a lot, and I am getting problems. Help!!!

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