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  1. Thanks for your suggestions, I ended up having to modify the top cell materials to allow more recharge to the aquifer which brought most of the observation wells to within 1m.
  2. When PEST is finished running do I need to do anything to attach the pilot points to the HUF package materials to be able to run the model in forward again and to run the modpath or MT3D packages?
  3. I am running a model and refined it using the pilot points and am using the HUF package rather than the LPF package as suggested in the tutorial. I am trying to import the optimum values back to the model and do not see a way to attach them to the associated material. I have tried running the model after importing the optimal values and I again get my initial huge errors as the pilot points were never imported. If you have any advice on how to import these values it would be much appreciated. Version is 10.0.11 Greg
  4. That link worked. Thank you! Greg
  5. I am working my way through the MT3D tutorial and I have reached a part where I am opening the Dispersivity package. The tutorial says to select the longitudinal dispersivity button but there is no such button on my package, only a material button. I have attached a screen shot of the package dialog button. I am unsure if my version is out of date compared to the tutorial. My current version is 10.0.11
  6. Hello all, I am working on a model that consists of 4 different materials and 8 layers. The model is two sand aquifers separated by clay till in places and bounded on top and bottom by clay till as well. The model runs fine in forward mode but I can't get the pest to refine it to better than -3m error based on observation wells. I am using the pilot point method and set the larger aquifer as the pilot points with the perched aquifer, recharge and clay till layers allowed to vary as well. When I run the model using pest it will refine the error on or two times then all of the parameters begin to get out of bounds and are frozen. I am using Modflow 2005 with direct solver. Current version is 10.0.11 and let me know if any more details or images are needed to help with this problem. Any suggestions are appreciated, Greg
  7. Thank you, that fixed the errors I was getting before the model would even run. Now I just need to figure out why it will not converge after it has run. At least all the cells are not dry this time around.
  8. Thanks for your all your advice on this. I looked at the output file and all of the cells were dry so that was probably the issue and why no head file was created. I am trying to redo this model and am running into other issues. The whole area is rather thin, 40m thick, and 3300m wide. The whole area is covered by clay till and underlain by clay till with two sand and gravel aquifers in between that are separated by intermittent clay till layers. The west and east sides of the model are constant head boundaries and the north and south sides are no flow boundaries. I have recharge over the whole area but no drains. All the streams are located in the clay till layer and were found to not interact with the aquiifers. The whole model slopes gradually from W to E with the East side being about 10m lower than the West side. I was able to use borehole data from the area to create solids and then used the Grid overlay to map the solids to the grid. I ran the modflow model checker and no errors are found. Using Modflow 2000, Upon running the model will run through 25 iterations but not converge. When I open the output file all of the cells are dry. Modflow 2005 and NWT both give me errors stating: "This file is not a GMS superfile. assuming NAM file. Using NAME file: BellBrook8.mfn First entry in NAME file must be "List". Modflow terminated with error!" What do I need to do to fix these issues and would it be better to create a separate thread for this? Any help that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.
  9. So I have been working on a small model for a while now of a site in Dayton Ohio and finally was able to get the model converge. When exiting the Modflow window, an error message comes up stating: "the following datasets were invalid and have been removed from the project: Head". The model converged and I can see the the .glo and .out files but the head is not displayed. I have tried running it several times and get the same error each time. Any suggestions on what to do to fix this would be helpful. I am using version 10.0.11 running modflow 2000 in a stead state condition.
  10. I am currently building a conceptual model for my thesis and am running into problems. I have a USGS .dem map of the area that I am using for building the boundaries. When I input the DEM to my model it displays the elevation values correctly but that they are in meters and should be in feet; the elevation in this area ranges from 600-1000ft but the model displays as 600-1000m. I adjusted the DEM projection to display vertical as US Survey Feet and the vertical units all change to 220-320 what I assume are meters. Now I am creating a set of boreholes in the area as a base for making my solids and HGU. When I attempt to edit a borehole a message is displayed that "To edit boreholes the display projection must match the borehole projection. No edits will be saved." So my question is should I change my borehole projection units to vertical US Survey feet as well and input the layer elevations in feet or in meters? Any other solution are acceptable as well. My GMS version is 10.0.11
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