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  1. Thanks for checking into this Chris. I will let them know. Lisa
  2. Hi folks, I am in the USA and we write our date/time in the format of "Month/Day/Year Hour:Minute:Second AM". I built an HMS model in WMS in the USA. I have imported precipitation time series and linked them to gages. I sent over the WMS files to our partners in Morocco. They open up the precipitation time series and the values are all scrambled up. My best guess is that the date/time stamp is being incorrectly interpreted as "Day/Month/Year". To test the idea, I switched my "Region and Language" setting on my computer to be "dd-MMM-yy". Sure enough, when I open up WMS and open up the files, I get the same scrambled time series. Is there a way to tell WMS to unscramble the time series? Thanks, Lisa
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