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  1. I am trying to include weirs (IBTYPE=24) in an ADCIRC mesh. The weirs are located in an area approximately 2m above MSL (such that node elevations are specified as -2 in the fort.14 file). The weir crest elevation for the weir nodestring pair was specified as 3. ADCIRC screen output reports the following error: !!!!!!!!!! FATAL INPUT ERROR !!!!!!!!!!!! AT BOUNDARY NODE NO. 50 (GLOBAL NODE NO. 500 AND OF INTERNAL BARRIER TYPE) THE INTERNAL BARRIER HEIGHT = 0.00000E+00 IS EXCEEDED BY THE DEPTH SPECIFIED AT THE ASSOCIATED GLOBAL NODE = -0.20000E+01 USER MUST SPECIFY CONSISTENT BARRIER HEIGHTS AND DEPTHS !!!!!! EXECUTION WILL NOW BE TERMINATED !!!!!! Opening the fort.14 in an ascii text viewer confirms that SMS is outputting the barrier height crest elevation correctly as 3. If I specify the node elevation as a non-negative number, ADCIRC correctly reads the reads the specified internal barrier height. Additionally, if i specify the node elevation above the internal barrier height, say -4.0, ADCIRC also correctly reports the internal barrier height in the screen/fort.16 output error message. I am running version 50_99, I also tried on version 46_57, and received the same message. Any suggestions?
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