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  1. Aloha Alan, At the University of Hawaii we are quite interested in using SWI2 with GMS. I see that a couple of users have posted requests for this module already. I am wondering if you have a update concerning its release ETA so we may incorporate this idea into our aproach on a couple of ongoing projects. Thanks much, ~Chris
  2. Thanks Michael, that's just what I was looking for. I didn't think to look in the LAYVKA documentation. I'm wondering why you all omitted that description in the GMS LPF dialog wiki? That page covers all of the other functions but not horizontal anisotropy... Thanks again.
  3. Aloha, I have been trying to use the horizontal anisotropy function to model an area that has many dikes of similar strike. I'm not exactly sure what GMS is doing, however, becaue I can not find any documentation, on forums or the wiki, about how this feature works with the MODFLOW LFP package . For example is the anisotropy always aligned with grid cells? Is there anywhere else to access the feature besides the LPF dialog? If anyone can point me to documentation about this, or can explain it I would be much appreciative! Thanks,
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