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  1. Hi, I'm using Hec-hms snow melting and accumulation module. And I would like to know what formulation it uses of temperature index formulas? it does include the heat brought by rain? Thanks, Fadoua
  2. Chris, Thank you for your response. I'm looking for Surface soil moisture values. Fadoua
  3. Hello, I'm using Green Ampt with soil moisture redistribution to assess infiltration for a long term simulation. I would like to know if surface volumetric water content results are calculated assuming that the soil thickness is equal to the value inserted in SOIL_MOIST_DEPTH record ? Thank you. Regards, Fadoua
  4. Chris, Thank you for your response. Regards, Fadoua
  5. I would like to understand how GSSHA deals with missing data in HMET file in case of a long term simulation. Also, is there a possibility to use daily data instead of hourly data ? What is the loss in accuracy expected while using daily HMET data? Thank you Fadoua
  6. Chris, Finally it works. We reviewed our DEM files and followed your explications to fix the problem. I would like to thank you for your quick and relevant response. Thanks, Fadoua
  7. Chris, I have just uploaded the DEMs file at FTP site. The file name is: Simulation_test_Fadoua. You will find a view of the problem that we had. I would like to note that the DEMs represent northern Quebec in Canada. Thanks, Fadoua
  8. Chris, Thank you for your valuable explications. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. In fact, our watershed covers five MTM projection zones. So whenever we change the projection parameters to set those of the new zone, the previous imported DEMs files disappear. Also, when we tried to merge imported DEMs, a gap appeared between layers that should be adjacent and whose projection zones are different. MTM is Modified Mercator Transverse associated to projection system of Eastern Canada. Thanks, Fadoua
  9. In order to delineate our watershed we are using DEM (Digital Elevation Model). But when I import two adjacent DEM files, WMS reads them but they do not appear adjacent in the import dialog. We tried to modify the projection characteristics but it doesn’t work .How could we fix the problem? Thank you!
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