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  1. Please can someone provide insight into renumbering multiple boundaries logically using the ADCIRC unstructured mesh. Clockwise I have 4 boundaries: 1. An ocean boundary that is renumbered logically [1:106] which will be VARIABLE. 2. A section of a large island (Isle of Wight) classed as "mainland". 3. Another ocean boundary (The Solent) which will be CONSTANT. 4. Then the actual mainland (South coast England.). For input into SWAN I need to reference [start ,end] node locations of each boundary. Renumbering only renumbers boundary 1 sensibly, leaving ocean boundary 2 and both the mainland boundaries randomly numbered. I would ideally like the numbering to be sequential through all the boundaries, or at least the two oceans. I have tried merging 1,2, and 3 to create a logical numbering system, but am struggling to "unmerge" the island section. Any hints/tips/help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Emma
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