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  1. Thanks for your reply! I installed a brand new version ow WMS only last week, when I found out that there's been a fix of multi-layer routine in GSSHA. What I did is that I took the old project using G&A with redistribution and tested it on the new WMS release. It worked perfectly fine as the old one did. Then I switched in the Job Control to G&A multilayer routine. The mapping table dissapeared, so I refilled it with the same parameters (there were some changes in order of parameters, but I reflected it). I assigned the same parameters for every one of all three layers, including the
  2. Recently I've been experiencing issues trying to implement more soil layers into my model. The model which worked fine with classic G&A redistribution infiltration routine suddenly produces weird results with G&A multilayer routine. The only change I made was switching to multilayer routine and assigning the depth of all layers. No matter what the depth was, disregarding any less permeable second layer I tried to introduce - the model always produces the same hydrograph with the peak as much as 20x higher then before and much faster response to all precipitation pulses. Moreover, when
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