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  1. Hi Chris, Do you think that my problem could be from convertion of a shp file to TIN? I use triangulation, but have a 64 bit machine. I saw an old post from you saying triangulation is not successful on a 64 bit machine. Still trying to figure this out before I contact the tech support. Thanks Ashmita
  2. Hi Chris, Thank your for your response. 1) For the segment numbering I did map segment to branches. I followed the instructions on the tutorial. When I created the segments (topic 8 on the tutorial), I first created the duplicate, named the coverage as segment. Then I used the create feature arc tool to draw line (perpendicular to flow direction) to break the main branch. Then I selected the build polygon feature. When I check the segments with the select feature polygon tool, I can see the segments numbered differently. It's when I initialize the CE-QUAL W2 and then map segments-branches is when it seems to change to a bunch of 12s and one segment numbered 5. 2) Not sure how to check if there are 2 intersections for each segments in one of the branches.
  3. Hi, I am new to the WMS- CE-QUAL W2. I followed the instructions in Using TINs tutorial to import a bathymetry file, convert it to TIN, and then triangulate the TIN. All measurements are in meters. From there, I followed tutorial #9 for CE-QUAL W2 set up. However, during step 9.2 : branch identification, in the select the "Get lengths and orientation of branch segments tool" I get an error message: could not assign length and orientation for segment XX. Also, it seems there are multiple segments with the same number assigned to them (this was not the case right after creating the segments). These segments though have different areas assigned to them. Looking for help on how to proceed on assigning length and orientation. And in case someone has pointers on more detailed tutorials, and other help, it'll be much appreciated. Thanks
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