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  1. calberts, I had tried in various locations, but will stick with a location within the geodatabase. Doug, I have now checked the "Overwrite..." option. Now I am not seeing the error. Big thanks to you both.
  2. Hello-- I have been getting repeated errors when trying to use the Make Time Series Statistics tool, related to the existence or non-existence of the tables 'tempsum' and 'temptstable.' The former usually happens the first time I try to execute the tool, then 'tempsum' appears in ArcCatalog. Once tempsum exists, rerunning the tool does not produce the same error, but is replaced with an error on temptstable. Here's the full error (after the successful execution of Create Feature Class): Executing: MakeQueryTable C:\Users\Ethan\Desktop\GIS_semester_project\Hula_sem_proj.mdb\Time
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