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  1. Hello to All, I have a question regarding the inline steering option that allows the coupling of CMS Flow and CMS Wave in order to simulate the effects that waves may have on currents and vice versa. My question arises after running multiple simulations in which we are not seeing any effects in current magnitude from any given simulated wave spectra for multiple wave events over a given time series. We are trying to replicate a given time series of currents, water level, and wave events from an in-situ ADCP that is within the model domain, aka our calibration point. I have included a plot of
  2. EDIT: FYI for anyone else having this issue, I figured it out by letting SMS create the fort.22 file by inputting the time series data as a *.dat file and using the "mesh2d" option. This allowed the time series data to be input directly to the ADCIRC mesh as a dataset. You then specify the frequency of the time steps and the data sets in the ADCIRC model control | Wind Tab for NWS=5. See the following wiki page for the format of the .dat file(s). Cheers. Hello, Does anyone have a sample fort.22 file that they could provide that loads into SMS v11.1.11? I have created a fort.22 file, space deli
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