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  1. I am running a steady state RMA2 model using SMS. I am having trouble starting the model with a hotstart from a previous run with a different downstream boundary. When I run the model as coldstart bathtub with all of the nodes covered it runs fine. When I rerun the same model using the hotsart from that run it runs fine. If I change the downstream boundary and try to rerun it using the hotstart from the run with the previous downstream boundary it cannot find the hotstart file. This is the message I get from the model output: FILE NAME INFORMATION: ---------------------- RMA2 run control input file name= 23_2t.bc RMA2 full results listing file name= 23_2t.ot2 Gfgen binary geometry output file name= 23_2t.bin RMA2 INPUT HOTSTART file name [binary]= C:\Work\Projects\12-1016_Lower_Yolo_Final_Design\RMA2\23\23_1_COLDSTART\23_1.hot --> Cannot find HOTSTART input file --> RMA2 cannot find this input file. --> IDENTIFY flag =R2_HOTIN --> path way to file =null --> file name =C:\Work\Projects\12-1016_Lower_Yolo_Final_Design\RMA2\23\23_1_COLDSTART\23_1.hot --> Inquire failed on =C:\Work\Projects\12-1016_Lower_Yolo_Final_Design\RMA2\23\23_1_COLDS --> RMA2, SUBROUTINE FILE_AUTO STOPS. I notice that when I change the downstream boundry the model requires a rerun of the GFGEN and then it needs to saved before running RMA2. The steering module seems to be running fine. Any clue why its not recognizing the hotstart file?
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