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  1. Good afternoon sir

    Please I am a research student at University of Ghana and my project is on Groundwater modeling. i was able to finish with the stratigraphic model and am facing difficulties running the 3d conceptual model. When I run it it gives me an error stated as '' This file is not a GMS MODFLOW superfile. Assuming NAME file'' I don't know where this is coming from.

    Please any little help will be appreciated




  2. I realize this is an old post, but it is not clear from the post whether this works. Based on personal experience I do not believe that this works. The error seems to be that neither the velocity nor the water surface elevation is written to the XMDF file. I am currently still searching for a solution
  3. The model inputs for a sediment source in PTM require a standard deviation (in phi) and a median grain size in mm. In order to generate a distribution of particle sizes you would also need a mean particle size. How does PTM (or perhaps an SMS pre-processor) calculate a mean grain size from a median grain size and a distribution? As an example I have been running a simple model to look at what the grain size distribution in the model is like and I get results like this. Model Input: median grain size: 0.088 mm St Dev. (phi): 1.22 Statistics of Model Output median: 0.0879 (mm) mean: 0.1497 (mm) How is the mean calculated?
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