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  1. Have you found out why this happens? I've had similar problem some times.
  2. Thank you Rusty. I will contact sales.
  3. I have a hardware lock for 10.0. I tried to update the installation, but for some reason the update did not run. Then I installed a fresh version, but it doesn't recognize the hardware lock.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a model of a small channel from nothing. I have created flume form by feature arcs and now I would need bathymetric data. I have a lot of point's at feature arc so doing it point by point would take some time. Is there a way to interpolate Z-values to a arc by feature points? In a staright line it can be done by removing all vertexes and then redistributing, but it doesn't work with curved arcs. Any easy way to do this?
  5. I have also had problems with mysterious crashing. SMS just freezes and I have to reboot whole computer. This seems to happen randomly and with even smallest files. Currently using version 10.0, I should have the 10.1, but I have not been able to register it. Sometimes this crashing also corrupts the nmodel files.
  6. Hi I would need an easy way to get material numbers and node numbers into an chart, for example to Excel. Is there any output file with FESWMS that has this information? Thank you for reply, Simo EDIT: I accidentally found the answer myself. But followup questions: I have a column of zeros in *net and *.flo files. What do they represent? And is there a way to delete message from this forum? Thank you.
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