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  1. KMerriman, I ran into this issue a couple weeks ago. I was trying to map velocity in ArcMap. I found that some of the polygons were missing. I found that it is just an issue with how the data set contours (velocity mag. for example) were defined in SMS and ArcMap. So, how you define the contour intervals for the data set in SMS affects how it immediately appears in ArcMap. But you can change the interval settings for the layer in ArcMap to get everything to show. Go to your data layer in ArcMap Right Click -> Properties -> Symbology -> Quantities -> Graduated Colors Select the appropriate Value under Fields box (example ELEV_AVG) Under the Classification dialogue box adjust the number of classes (depends on the range of contour values). Click classify to define the interval of the classes. You will have to play around with this to get it to map how you want. Generally, if polygons are missing you need to refine the classes so the values of the missing polygon are represented. Hope that helps.
  2. Rusty, Thanks for the response. I sent the files over. Here is the update on the situation: I am now working with a licensed feswms in SMS 10.1. I have been working on the same project files and the model was running fine. Eventually I started receiving the same error message. I am at a point in the model development where I am making slight alterations to the mesh and iteratively checking the sensitivity of the model to changes in parameters. When the message started coming up I returned to previous model control setup. Once the error message shows up it seems to stay regardless of the parameters used. That's all I know at this point.
  3. Hey Folks, I'm working with FESWMS in the 11.0 Beta. After running my steady state model for ten iterations the model finishes successfully and looks as though the solutions are ready for viewing. Immediately after the runtime dialog box closes another pops up stating "There are no valid time steps in the feswms solution file." After clicking OK the solutions are removed from the Project Explorer. This is followed by another dialog box "Unable to open the file. Unknown file syntax." Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. @ Gene. I believe with the equation you posted the hydraulic radius term can be set equivalent to the water depth if you are looking at a wide channel rectangular. This is a convenient assumption in that depth is an output of RMA2 for each node. @John. I am wondering if any other work around has been developed to determine shear stress in the RMA2 model since this post? Also, is there a way to include manning's roughness values in the RMA2 data calculator?
  5. Hey folks, I am working on a RMA 2 steady state model and received the following message in the output: --> ZERO OR NEGATIVE AREA for Element= 4544 Imat= 0 ignor if imat > 900 This message is repeated about 200 times for the various elements. This doesn't appear to be a catastrophic error as I still get reasonable results from the model. I understand that this is a result of elements connection being made clockwise rather than counter-clockwise. I haven't been able to determine from the user manual/tutorials how to re-connect the elements in the appropriate direction. If anyone knows of a tutorial that describes this process I'd appreciate hearing back from you. Cheers.
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