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  1. Thanks Sean. I went into materials editor and changed the color as you said. Great help. Regarding the cross-section image I thought there would be a way to export it as an image but taking a screenshot is good alternative. Thanks.
  2. How do I change the color of poly-fill in cross-section editor please ? Please see the attachment. For an example, I want to fill the top black colored soil stratum with a different color. Is it possible to do it? The other problem I have is exporting (saving) the cross-section as an image without printing. I can see only a print button in the interface. Is it possible to output the cross-section as an image? Thanks Nathan
  3. Hi Everybody, I wonder how possible to use LiDAR data with GMS. For an example, lets say I have some groundwater monitoring bores in my study area. So I use a "bores.txt" file to upload those borehole data in GMS (Similar to "holes.text" file in tutorial - "Boreholes and Cross Sections") . Now I want to snap the tops of those bores to a surface which is the surface of top soil in my study area. According to "Boreholes and Cross Sections" tutorial I should have a TIN file (with .tin extension - page 5) to do that. But I have only LiDAR data as a LAS data set to represent my study area. So coul
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