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  1. Hello I am using the ADCIRC version 41.10 to simulate a simple mareal circulation along a part of the grand Canaria island coast. First, I defined my open boundary (ocean) as semi-circular and it worked well. But when I define my open boundary as a rectangular boundary (3 segments) the program stop when it define the elevation boundary tidal forcing for each constituent and point of that boundary. The program does not manage to define the tidal forcing in the last two points (fort16). I change the sense the model to take into account the boundary points and the result is the same, the two last points make the program break. I used the tidal forcing provided by Le Provost. I need to make this simulation with the rectangular boundary, help! Thank you Thomas PS: I join with this mail the fort16 file
  2. Hello all I'am using the ADCIRC version 8.0, and i would like to add a wind file in my simulation (algerian coast). I am an inexperimented user of ADCIRC, and I didn't manage to understand the format of the fort.22 file. What kind of wind input can I put and can I access to fort.22 samples. I didn't find them on your site. If they are, sorry Thank you Thomas
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