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  1. Same here, we were very surprised about the missing rectangular patch. Can you bring it back please? This feature was very useful and efficient to use
  2. Hi Kimberly Do you want to export the mesh or the results, e.g. the depth with contours? If you want to export the resulting contours, have you ever tried the zonal classification feature? please check my description in an other topic, which you can find here: link if you want to export the mesh itself, delete all datasets you don't need, then right click in the white area in your project explorer on the left and choose convert to CAD. Then save the result as dxf, or you may convert it first to a map coverage and the save it as an shape file. cheers Chris
  3. Hi folks Is there a way to calculate the max from different time steps of a velocity vector dataset with the data claculator? thanks cheers Chris
  4. Hi there I have two identical scatter sets with different z-values. Is there a way to calculate the difference between the z-values with the data calculator? I'm not able to select the "base" and alternate data set in the "compare data set" dialogue. I can only select one data set. Any ideas? Thanks cheers Chris
  5. Hi folks Anyone noticed, that scatter to grid isn't working anymore in SMS 10.1.10 and 10.1.11??!!! All scatter points get zero elevation in the resulting scatter grid. I think it worked, before the latest few updates. How hard can it be? @ aquaveo team: please fix it again! Because of all this annoying bugs, and some of them are coming up again, I am working with SMS V9.0, V9.2 , V10.0 and V10.1.11, hoping at least 1 Version will work properly when something doesn't work again...
  6. Sorry, I don't know this package. But I suggest you should get the free update for your SMS V10.1.8 here. Be sure to download the proper version (32bit vs. 64bit) With this update you will be able to export your results with the zonal classification feature as I described above. Greetz Chris
  7. First, open your mesh in SMS, then your results, for example flow depth or water surface elevation. If you want plot max. flow depth in ArcGIS go to "Data" and "Data calculator" and calculate max flow depth. The data calculator is quite sophisticated and self explaining. Then go to "Data" and "Zonal classification". There you have to define some zones, for example flow depth between 0.0 - 0.5m, 0.5 - 1.0 m, 1.0 - 1.5... and so on. For each zone you have to define a criteria, for example: "Zone 0 - 0.5" with the criteria depth between "0 and 0.5". Be sure to check "merged coverage" and then press ok. Depending on the size of your mesh, the zonal classification can take hours! When the calculation has finished, you can find the results in a new map coverage. Select this coverage and go to file and chose save as "shape file", check in the next box "polygon features". Now you can add this shape file to your GIS project. Be sure to use at least SMS version 10.1.8 or 10.0.10. In SMS 9.2 and 10.1.3 the zonal classification doesn't work! tell me if it worked. greetz Chris
  8. Did you try the "zonal classification" check this topic click cheers
  9. Hi Rusty Just sent the file to the Aquaveo support. Thanks! greetz Chris
  10. Hi folks I'am trying to convert some contours into a scatter set. With SMS 10.1.10 (64bit) the conversion takes about half an hour!!! But with the really old SMS 9.2 on the same computer it's a matter of seconds! Is there something wrong with the dxf handling in SMS 10.1?? cheers Chris
  11. Awesome! Thanks for this nice workaround!
  12. Just gave it another try with 10.1.10 64bit. Still doesn't work. Erik, how the hell did you do that?? greetz
  13. Thanks, works fine, it's in the 3D-Analyst Toolbox cheers Chris
  14. I just got an ESRI TIN dataset (technically it's a folder containing 8 files all ending on *.adf) but I am unable to open it in SMS? Is there a way to import an ESRI TIN? thanks chris
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