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  1. Thanks for the help. I made a scatter set from the mesh then brought in the cross sections. I used the interpolate bathymetry option in SMS 10.1.
  2. I have a large mesh that has been around for a while. A survey crew recently took some data. I have this data in xyz points. Is there a way to interpolate this newer/smaller data onto the large mesh? Thanks
  3. I am trying to edit the mesh that SMS created, but I can not save once I have moved a node. When I click the save button at the top of the screen I get an hour glass. The first time it happened I left it alone for about an hour, I figured my mesh was large and my computer needed time. I have left the hourglass all night with no results. Every time SMS freezes. Is there something I am doing wrong or whats going on. Thanks, Richie
  4. I tried to send the files but it was to big. Is there an ftp site that I can put them on?
  5. I am using a patch mesh in two of the polygons and a paving in another. I have tried the node string on both types of mesh. I have not tried diffeerent mesh.
  6. Everytime that I try to create a nodestring and then select the nodestring using the select nodestring options the program locks up along with my computer and I have to re-boot. I have tried using both SMS 10.0.3 & 10.0.7 both versions yield the same result. What do I need to do?
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