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  1. Thanks, ya, i'm starting to think it's because i don't have sms 10.1 version. The only output is: ***Model Finished And it generates the input file (.trn) but fails to generate an output. Will try to try an evaluation program to see if it works. Thanks! henry
  2. Thanks for the reply, Cameron! Maybe i'm misunderstanding a bit. When i run through the tutorial, there is an output folder where the solution (.qsl) file has been last updated in 2006. However if i change a parameter like the diffusion coefficient, a new output is not created- .qsl file is not adjusted (judged by the time it was last edited). Same goes for running the model without tutorials. Thanks greatly for any help! SMS details- v9.2 Model executable- v4.56 henry
  3. probably more of a dumb question. i have been having trouble getting the solutions file (.qsl) file to appear after running the tutorial and some other models i have data for. any help here is appreciated, thanks! henry
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