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  1. I'd like to know what is "intermediate restart" in RMA2/Model control/Timing/Computation time. I'm asking because I used it supposing that is was something like resolving each time step as it was a steady state simulation. Am I clear? It seems that for every new time step the solution of the previous one is taken as the initial condition. What I would like to do is to run each time step as independent from the previous, i.e. a ‘steady-state-like simulation’. Is it possible? Regards, Andrés
  2. Hi, Is there any way to extract velocity time series for a specific node after the model run? Thanks, Andres
  3. That's it... Excuse me hycc_sms, but I can't understand why are you using STWAVE if you don't know some basic concepts like what's Hm0 and/or the way it is calculated.
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