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  1. Thanks Alan, the drive has plenty of space. SMS 11 has problems Steering CMS-Wave/Flow so we reverted back to SMS 10.1. The inline model has many issues before we can use it, I believe that is still in the development stage. SMS is creating many files in the %TEMP% folder (the ones with random number file names) and it looks like a threshold has been reached? I've cleaned out my TEMP folder and restarted, we'll see if it runs longer, if it does that will be the culprit. I've got a few other ideas I can try.
  2. I'm currently running a CMS-Flow/CMS-Wave steering simulation on SMS 10.1 After it runs for about 12 hours I got this message: "No write permission in specified directory c:\users\mike\appdata\local\temp for temp files" SMS then asks for a directory that I have write access to, nothing I enters works (same message) weird thing is CMS has been writing to that directory all night (this sim will need to run about 4 days) I use Windows 7 and yes I have admin privileges. Has anyone run into this problem before? Is there a TEMP limit size I have bumped into? Not sure if this problem is with Win7, SMS, or one of the CMS programs. Thank You
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