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  1. Derek

    GMS V6.5

    The following problem may be due to 6.5. I have never seen this in 6.0. I am putting together a fairly complex model with four layers. I get it built and it is running just fine. I start adjusting parameters and working on calibration. I tweak the recharge and all of a sudden, when running MODFLOW, the error goes berzerk. It bounces up to 15000000. The model nearly completely dries up even though there are no sinks. I can't undo the changes I made right before this happened and make it run. I reinstalled GMS with the updates. No luck. I have uploaded the model. Any help would be appreciated. local_model.zip
  2. Derek

    GMS V6.5

    I have a hardware key and am using 6.5. When I heard that some of the bugs had been fixed I reinstalled 6.5. Now the program can't find the hardware key. I reinstalled the drivers. Still can't find the key. The message I get is to contact the vendor, but this rarely helps. Any ideas? It's not much of a problem, not having a working license. I only have to have the model running by TOMORROW! UPDATE: I completely wiped the Sentinel drivers using SSD Cleanup and reinstalled v7.4.0. This appears to have worked.
  3. Derek

    Shape Files

    I am using a shape file to bring in river data. It worked fine. Then I edited it in ArcView. When I try to bring it back into GMS, I get the message: "Error reading from binary file (unknown shape record -1604762452)" I have copied the dataset in ArcCatalog and the same thing happens when I tried to open the new file. The file is not open in any other program. Any ideas? I ahve attached the shape file. river_shape.zip
  4. Is there any way to alter the spatial reference of the MF2K files after you bring them in so that you can load shape files and such?
  5. I just ran a simulation for groundwater mounding under a proposed reservoir. I used an 8 year transient model with the lake package. I created a TIN of the reservoir basin from a DEM and set the seasonal stages in the lake cells that were tied to the TIN. I calibrated the seepage by adjusting the leakance value. Recharge due to seepage can be seen in the data budget looking at the lake mass balance. I am using v. 6, so I don't know what the difference will be in v. 5.
  6. I can get it to converge now; thanks for the input. I am now having problems with convergence using rewetting. I am using transient specified head cells along the boundaries to simulate groundwater fluctuations over a 20 year period. It is a three layer model with the middle layer the principal aquifer and the upper layer is silt and clay and typically dry. Late in the simulation the groundwater rises above the elevation of the top of layer 2 and the top layer has to be rewetted. But, I cannot get the model to run at all if I allow rewetting. I have tried a number of values for WETFCT and the two equations but nothing is working. Any ideas? Thanks, Derek
  7. I am running a long duration (20 yr) transient simulation with many irrigation wells that are only active for three months. It fails to converge during pumping months, and runs fine when the wells are off. Any ideas? Rewetting is active. Stress periods are months.
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