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  1. Last weekend I received a mailing promoting GMS 8.1, but I did not notice any new update. Has the problem been solved meanwhile?
  2. Installed also 8.1.3 and used an existing and working model. Did map to modflow and a CHD boundary condition was gone. The arc of the boundary condition was exactly on the boundary of the cells. Moved the arc a little inside and the CHD boundary appeared again after map to modflow. Will install the new update of 8.0
  3. The mass calculator is very helpful. I have two suggestions for extension: - a zone array (like in Flow Budget) would make it easier to calculate local balances - introduce an option to include the adsorbed mass
  4. Greg cited: "The interval at which the simulated concentrations are reported can be at a different interval than that used to save the concentration data for contouring." I tried, but get only output at the times concentration data for contouring are stored. Neither do I see the TOB data in the project explorer. On the disk there is a file with extension .OCN that contains computed concentrations per MT3D time step. Can these data be used in GMS 7.1.8?
  5. I would like to show both concentration contours and path lines. Using GMS 7.1.8 MODPATH complains the cell-by-cell flow solution cannot be found and deletes the old calculation when the concentration data are activated. Is it possible to switch the MODPATH auto calculation off or somehow to store the calculated pathlines?
  6. It would be helpful to generate starting points for MODPATH via a coverage. Currently the MODPATH model (and the starting points) are lost when a new ModFlow model is loaded.
  7. In addition to C. Moebus request for a Map Coverage for ICBUND I would suggest to create an option to map a coverage to a 3D or 2D datatset.
  8. It would be helpful if the developers told us when a full installation for an update is necessary. Now we have to guess
  9. After a workshop of a week in a beach resort without internet (they exist here!) I found your work around Alan. Immediately I tried and for the "Henry classic case 1" (single component) it works perfectly . Thanks!
  10. has not set his status

  11. You could build your model in GMS, export the native MODFLOW and MT3D input files, add a Variable-Density Flow (VDF) Process input file and run SEAWAT. For the example "Henry classic case 1" this route worked. Unfortunately SEAWAT produces binary UCN output files that cannot be imported in GMS to visualize the results. (XMSwiki: "GMS does not read in the .ucn file generated in MT3DMS/SEAWAT simulations outside of GMS. The source code of MT3DMS was changed to create a .con file instead. If you would like to import .ucn files, you need to copy the MT3DMS code modified for GMS and paste it into the source code of the version of MT3DMS or SEAWAT you are using and recompile it.") Maybe as an interim solution the GMS Development team could provide a SEAWAT version that produces CON files.
  12. Unfortunately the View Pathline Report in the Project Explorer does not present the IJK coordinates and the General Modpath Options implemented in GMS 7.0 are limited. Therefore I suggest to run MODPATH independently from GMS. The procedure is as follows: 1. In GMS/Modpath General Options/last item: Specified file name enter a name for the response file, eg test.rsp in a convenient folder 2. GMS will save and run Modpath, the following files are available: test.sum test.ept test.pth test.rsp test.nam test.loc test.mdf 3. Unfortunately the path file test.pth is binary and compacted 4. Exit GMS 5. Open test.mdf in a text editor 6. Remove the words COMPACT BINARY from the second line, but leave an empty line 7. Copy GMS 7.0/models/modpath/modpath5_0_h5.exe to your folder 8. run modpath5_0_h5.exe 9. Enter test.rsp as name for the response file 10. Now text.pth is a Standard Text Pathline File including JIK coordinates, see mpathref.pdf Appendix B. If someone has an easier solution, that would be nice. Regards, Jan
  13. Sometimes it helps if you switch off the Transport Observation Package (and use the Active Dataset Time Series Plot for time-concentration lines).
  14. Since the GMS 7.0 Beta release has expired, I wonder whether a new version is available.
  15. What you fill in the unit dialog will not influence the calculated mass. MT3D multiplies concentration with volume, e.g. if the concentrations you put in the model are micrograms per liter and the unit of length is meter than the mass is in ug/l x m3 = mg.
  16. I was referring to: http://www.aquaveo.com/gms-requirements GMS Requirements * Intel® Pentium® 1GHz Processor (or equivalent) * Windows® NT, 2000, XP * 512 MB RAM, 1 GB recommended * 200 MB free disk space * 1024 x 768 display resolution, 1280 x 1024 recommended
  17. Sometimes after a Modflow run GMS 6.5 gives the message "sorting contours" but does not progress after a certain percentage. Is this a common problem and are there ways to avoid it?
  18. Meanwhile several months and GMS updates have passed. Is the any planning when this problem is solved? I suggest to state explicit in the system requirements for GMS: NO Vista support.
  19. Luckily, the EMS-I site still works. http://www.ems-i.com/GMS/GMS_Overview/gms_overview.html
  20. Thanks. Microsoft is not making things easy.
  21. I use an ASUS X80L with 2 GB memory and Windows Vista, but loading and saving medium a sized MODFLOW model takes about 50 minutes used by h5repack. My impression is that similar hardware with XP is much faster. If I try HD5 version 5-1.8.1 the model is loaded in a few minutes (but cannot be saved any more). Any suggestions?
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