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  1. Hi, Is there a quick way to export the HEC-RAS interpolated cross sections into ArcGIS? I tried the File ---> "Export Geometry Data" function which is supposed to create a .gml file and I get a message at the end of the export saying "Geometry file exported to gml file: <org:FeatureCollection xmlns:xsi= http:///www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance ... ... ... ... ... but no file is genera
  2. Dear All, I am reading HEC-RAS solution for the purpose of delineating the floodplain. When I read the solution I get a message a couple of times that some given cross sections do not exist in WMS database and then WMS continues to read the solution but creates a blank scatter plot with one empty PF 1. I checked the solution in HEC-RAS and for each cross section (including the extra ones I created in HEC-RAS by interpolating existing cross sections) there are all the parameters including the velocity, ground elevation and water surface elevation. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  3. I was using the Elevation-Area to drecrive Storage Method for a dam which causes HEC-HMS to use the conic formula to calculate the storage. This was resulting in storage being less than expected value depending on the dam lake size. When elevation-storage is used instead of elevation-area for the "Storage Method" describing the dam, I get the error message: "ERROR 44382: Elevation-area table must be defined for reservoir "Reservoir-1" for monthly evaporation method" Eventhough the elevation-area table is entered into the model. Any help on resolving this error? Thanks. malsmadi
  4. Chris, Thanks for your response. I am creating bank arcs that represent the left and right bank stations in a 1D Hyd Centerline coverage but in some cross sections, the points need to be shifted which I do in the WMS cross section editor. But the issue as you have recognized, is after doing these edits, there is currently no way to add more cross sections to the existing database in order to export the info into HEC-RAS. If I create a second cross section database, would I be able to join the two databases into one HEC-RAS project? If not, I hope this can be added as a feature in WMS becaus
  5. Hi, I am generating many cross sections in WMS and then editing the left and right banks in the WMS cross section editor. After spending hours on this task, and in some cases, there is a need to add one or two cross sections. The problem is that when new cross sections are added in the same cross section coverage that has been edited, and when you select generate cross sections, all the edits are lost. There is a way to just generate cross sections for the selected ones but that deletes all the information on the rest of the cross sections. So, I am hoping there is way to add cross sections
  6. Chris, As always, thanks for your help. What is considered a good practice when creating cross sections in WMS? In particular, how far out do you extend the cross sections on either side of the channel? The ultimate goal of this study is to creat flood maps. Do we extend all the way out to include what looks like the floodplain even if it is a few kilometers wide? The downside I see with this approach is that you run the risk of grabing other local channels that may be deeper than the main channel which will divide the flow. However, if you do not extend it far enough, you run the risk of
  7. Hi, When exporting GIS to create HEC-RAS model from WMS, some cross sections get misplaced into the wrong reaches which obviously causes problems. I went and verified in WMS all the misplaced cross sections and they are in the proper reach in WMS but somehow get shifted to a completely different reach once HEC-RAS is created.
  8. Hi, Instead of digitizing left and right banks for the purpose of floodplain modeling, I am trying to create buffers around the streams and use those instead. I am creating buffers around streams and dissolving them into one buffer then converting polygon to polyline and spliting the polyline at the upstream end of each stream (If I do not split, only one bank point will be created in the cross section. I am guessing because the polyline ID is the same on either side). I then give each side on each segment a unique ID so if we have 10 streams in the watershed, I end up with 20 segments with 20
  9. Are there any negative implications of not creating a left and right bank arc in the centerline coverage? Instead, I am creating left and right banks in the WMS cross section editor and exporting cross sections into HEC-RAS which seems to accept the points and show them in the proper place. Is this OK? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I am digitizing stream centerlines in WMS and when I try to save the file, I get the error message "Hydraulic data is not georeferened, the file can't be saved". The problem is that I have done this same taks before on neghboring watersheds using the same data sources and everything worked file and schematics were generated and saved just fine. Any help? Thank Chris in advance
  11. Hi, I have a situation where most of the analysis area is contained in one watershed but there is an independent subwatershed with a different outlet that is not part of the main watershed. The main watershed has 10 subs. When I finished creating the cross sections and was ready to start the HEC-RAS project, I tried the Map 1D Schematic and it only generated the schmatic for the independent sub and none of the remaining 10 subwatersheds. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. Chris, Thanks for your answer. What I meant by DEM-generated channel is the channel obtained through flow accumulation from the DEM. Some of the resulting cross sections have a dip which represents the channel where I expected to be but some distance on either side, within the floodplain, there is an even deeper dip in the cross section. Should I shift the left and right banks in order to bound the deeper channel or no? Thanks.
  13. This is a judgment question. When editing cross sections, I am faced with situations where the placement of the DEM-generated channel seems incorrect because there is a deeper dip in elevation on either side, anywhere from 50 to 300 meters. Should I shift the channel banks in order to bound the shallower channel or keep them where they are and ignore the other channel? The purpose of the analysis is unltimately delineating flood zone. Also, should the editing of cross sections be done in WMS or HEC-RAS? Thanks.
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