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  1. I am modeling a tidal marsh area which have some raised features such as ridges, roads, and man-made rock dikes. These features would be dry under low tide conditions and wet under high tide. I am using the marsh porosity for wetting and drying. What kind of marsh porosity values (AC1, AC2, AC3 and AC4 in DMT card) should I use to have these raised feature elements correctly modeled? Thanks.
  2. Dear all: Who has the experience of modeling RMA2 wind field with storm input, BWS card? Couple of questions about BWS card: (1) Do I have to put BWS card at each time step for a dynamic simulation? (2) What reference node, NREF and TREF really represent? (3) How the wind field is calculated based on the inputs? Thanks. Jonathan
  3. Has anyone noticed that in SMS Data Calculator, when you want to process a time series of rma2 or rma4 solution file, max(x,y) function can do the following max(a:ll), but min(x,y) and ave(x,y) could not do min(a:ll) and ave(a:ll)? I think they should perform the same way. I already sent a request before to the technical team, but have not seen any changes in SMS10.0. They are still functioning the same wrong way as in SMS9.2. When can they be fixed? Jonathan
  4. Dear All members: I want to get the averaged velocity magnitude from RMA2 solution files. The utility program MERGAVE can only do the average for each velocity components, not the absolute magnitude. Does anyone have experience on this? Another issue is to calculate the minimum/maximun value for each grid node from the RMA2 solution files. SMS function min(x,y)/max(x,y) could not do the job. Any ideas? Thanks. Jonathan
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