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  1. Hi Rusty! Thanks for the fast answer .. Is there any "common" way to report bugs (bugzilla?) - or is this forum the right place to report such things? Is there any "make-a-wish" page also - because i would definitely need an "Undo" Button sometimes regards Werner
  2. Hi! I'm not sure if it meant to be that way - but I'd like to use the Zonal Classification like: Create a new Zone named "Zone1" Create a new Criteria in that Zone and set all things.. Especially the Timestep.. Create a new Criteria in that Zone and set new criterias - in my case with another timestep than the first criteria has.. For e.g. giving the water line at a different timestep.. But whatever i set as Timestep in first criteria .. after setting the second criteria and going back to first .. the timestep is lost and is resetted to the very first timestep.. So my question is .. is this a bug? Is the Timestep meant to be remembered? Am I doing something wrong here? (I even cannot find anything related to timestep in the saved .txt file) Thanks for your help regards Werner
  3. Hi! Thanks a lot for your fast answer.. I'm just into testing the new 10.x functions and - you know - sometimes you are blind about searching .. and never think that there is a new modules where all these new handy functions are brought together.. So thanks for pointing me in the right direction.. I read the "What's New" but seems that i overlooked something.. For the thing with "adaptive tessellation" .. well I have a guidance here (obviously for SMS 9.x) about "integration from a new part of a net into an existing net". And whenever I have new parts of a net and I want to mesh them with existing nets I use this guidance. Short explanation: to insert the new mesh into the existing one (with automeshing) i need the same boundary nodes in both parts. In my guidance it is done with: "new part of a net" -> right mouse mesh -> Convert -> Mesh -> Map (selecting Mesh Boundaries -> Polygons" Then load the existing net and use replace. Map module -> select created polygons (Feature Objects -> Attributes: (Mesh Type= Adaptive Tessellation; Bathymetry Type=Existing Mesh) And then Feature Objects -> Map -> 2D Mesh (Do not delete the existing mesh) That creates the boundary nodes I need for the next steps (delete all data inside polygons - load the new net once more and append it to the existing mesh.. Hope my explanation is not too confusing.. And unfortunately I did not find out any other way to do it (you know - having a guidance probably switched of my brain) .. so I'm missing adaptive tesselation in 10.x Thanks again for your answer and i hope you can point me into the correct direction (probably there is really no need for adaptive tessellation any more) have a nice weekend regards Werner
  4. Hi Again! So there is really no Adaptive Tesselation any more? How to substitute that function? Do you have any suggestions? Is there an improved way (which I currently don't know)? Furthermore (probably I should create a new Thread for that: I'm missing the "Scale -> Display Scale" function in Display Options -> General (still using my old SMS 9.0 to see whats new in 10.x) As far as I searched in the 10.x Display Options I cannot find anything related to the Scale Bar .. For now I'm glad that I did not do an upgrade to 10.x . Or did I search to less to find the scale bar? Shall I create a new Topic? Or or is anyone out there willing to point me to the right menu in 10.x Display Options regards Werner
  5. Hi Christian! I dont know what modules are registered there as i assume it is just a Test-version of SMS10.1.1 (as the "about" box says) and it's not my Computer there. Probably I can ask him to update to the latest Version .. Maybe it will be best to install the test version right here on my computer rather than asking some friends But I'm afraid that it would probably break my existing SMS9 installation. Do you know which modules have to be registered to be able to do adaptive tesselation there? (I'm rather out of updates regarding SMS - As I am a satisfied user of SMS9 - but probably it's time to upgrade ) Maybe there is something wrong with the Installation there too - I'll check that .. Thanks for your fast answer.. So for know I know there "should" be the menu point. regards Werner
  6. Hi All! I recently had the chance to test a 10.1 SMS installation if it meets our requirements and run into several problems. Probably I'm just to dumb to find it .. beside the fact that I like the new ordered UI - there are some things I just cannot find and I hope they did not dissapear on SMS10 (I still have to use SMS9 here). So the most important thing is Adaptive Tesselation. I usually import some dxf "drawings" and sometimes it is really important to me to cut "holes" into an existing mesh (at the correct height). My workflow in SMS9 is somehow like: import dxf -> convert CAD to Map -> (right click to select Type to "Generic 2D Mesh" -> Select Arcs -> Build Polygons -> select the polygon (which is becoming the hole in the mesh) -> "Feature Objects - Attributes" .. and there is the big change ... In SMS9 i get my "Polygon Attributes" Windows where I used to select "Adaptive Tessellation" as the Mesh Type - but in the new 10.1 there seem to be no "Adaptive Tessellation" anymore. I can only select "None-Patch-Paving-Scalar Paving Density-Existing Nodes" In SMS9 I was able to cut a hole into the existing mesh (with the boundarys from the map) by selecting "Feature Objects -> Map -> 2D Mesh" here - and deleting nodes and elements inside the polygon afterwards. But in 10.1 I have tried everything but none of the existing mesh Types worked. (I assume it's the missing Adaptive Tesselation) Probably the problem is elsewhere or someone has an easier solution to that (And still probably I'm just to dumb to find it) but can someone point me to the right direction where this has changed from SMS9 to SMS10 thanks a lot and .. I like SMS a lot! Regards Werner
  7. hi! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that i've still 9.0 installed on my system - but i still have the same display problems i described above with the 10.0.8. Whenever i want to zoom or rotate the view, it switches back to some unknown display view used before after releasing the mouse button. So it renders 10.0.8 unusable for me nobody else having such problems in 10.x.x? I'll probably try it again on another computer too regards Werner
  8. Hi all! I've a suggestion.to make! Is it possible to integrate some kind of scripting (makros?) As Example: We have one model calculated in many different ways (different versions) For every version I calculate I have to do the same .. load the model - load the .dat file - prepare the "Dataset Contour Options" - calculate some things in the Data Calculator - colour it nicely ... and so on. Is there any possibility to have some kind of "script-engine" integrated to do it automagically? Like: Load "c:\water.dat" calculate water - elevation = waterlevel [range 0m-6m; colour lightblue-darkblue] it only needs to be simple - but for a model with 20 different version it would take only a decent time to write the script and calculate the output (with no possibility of doing mistakes) in a few clicks. And (with included loading of colour palettes) it would have the benefit that all variants would look the same way to compare them. Would that be possible? Is there a page where i can deposit my wish? thx Werner
  9. Hi! Is there a way to set a default view for Time steps when loading .dat files? Everytime I open SMS and load a 2dm together with a .dat file (I'm using hydro_as-2d) I've been asked in which Time Units I'll load the dat file (In my case seconds). Afterwards I've the "Time steps:" in the lower left corner but they are always set to "days hh:mm:ss" but I'd like them to be in seconds only. Manually setting them to seconds (with Edit->Time settings...) works (of course) but allthough I tried several times in different ways it keeps not being remembered (even when I do a "File -> Save Settings") and thats a bit annoying couse most of my data is set to seconds. Is something wrong with my installation or is this setting not included in "Save Settings"? Am I doing something wrong? thx for answers! regards Werner
  10. thx for the answer rusty Is there any chance that the glitches got cleaned out in any of the upcoming bugfix-releases? I really like SMS (beside that we NEED it it work) and we're looking forward to purchase - but until then we are happy with our already purchased 9.0 version. It's only because i wanted to see the differences between 9.0 and 10.0 in real life. Maybe I do what you suggested and call for a temporary license to show my boss the need for a 10.0 license. thx again for cleaning that problem out regards Werner
  11. Hi John! Thanks for your reply but I have bad news.. I testet everything and of course everything is switched on and displayed. Maybe my explanation of the problem was a bit "missunderstandable" I DO see the dxf|map|scatter points when i move or rotate them but only as long as i hold down left mouse button. But first i have to klick the "reset display?" button.. the one with the coordinate system icon. While moving or rotating everything works well as long as the left mouse button is still down. Releasing the mouse button the display switches back to some kind of "last known view" - i still did not find out what i have to do to define this "last known view" state. It seems that switching between moving and rotating has something to do with remembering this view. Its really difficult to describe but i hoope you know what i mean. 9.0 is working fine and maybe it has something to do with 9.0 AND 10.0DEMO installed on the same machine or it's some kind of limitation in the DEMO version of 10.0. But to make it easier to understand: If i want a certain (rotated) view of a map in 10.0DEMO i've to load the map, click on the "coordinate system icon". click on the rotate button - rotate it as long as it looks good for me while holding left mouse button. Releasing left mouse button now leads me to the plain view which where displayed after i clicked the "coordinate system icon". Now i've to click something other than rotating (since i've finished rotating already) - l'm using the move-"hand"-icon. And now its really strange . When i just move the view a little bit - it is switching back to the formerly rotated view and shows it. thats how i get my rotated view.. a bit annoying. I'll check the demo version today on another computer too - maybe it has something to do with nvidia display drivers? allthough my computer is WinXP Pro SP3 with all latest drivers and updates. thx for your help Werner P.S: If the same thing happens on my own laptop i can give you remote access. But in work its a bit difficult.
  12. Hi all! Just a short question.. are there any problems with actualizing the display in SMS? I just downloaded SMS 10.0 (with update 10.0.6) to test it .. Usually I'm using 9.0 but if i load a e.g. .dxf file it's not getting displayed. I see the .dxf only when i convert it to a map.. and afterwards i can hardly move the display because i only see lines when left mouse button is clicked.. when released the lines(in this case the map) dissapears. So I can only take a look at the map holding left mouse button.. annoying The same with 3d-view .. it is funtional but only while pressing left mouse button - afterwards i see the blank screen with no lines but SMS DEMO MODE in it Maybe it's just a limitation of the DEMO mode but i thought the only limitation is the not working save function.. so please enlight me regards Werner
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