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  1. Alan, I just submitted the file to tech support. Thanks, Karl
  2. I am having an issue with SMS crashing when trying to open a map file. I am using Version 11.2.2 (64-bit) of SMS. I have an Observation coverage in the Map module with some a few feature arcs and points. Edited the names of the nodes and arcs through attributes. Saved the map file. Then later when attempting to open the map file SMS crashes, prompting to send in bug report. Can you please help? Thanks, Karl
  3. Version 11.2.2 of SMS does not seem to save files using the CMS-Wave extension of "sim". If you attempt a "File Save As" with select as type "CMS-Wave Simulation (*.sim) and then type in a new name and click "Save" the program will only save a sim file with the Project name_Cartesian Grid name. Previous versions allowed saving the sim file with a different name which after running CMS-WAVE it produced an output file (wav) with the name of the sim file. This allowed running various runs with the same grid file. Is this a bug or a "new feature" of Version 11.2.2? Thanks, Karl
  4. Tom, Thanks for your response. The issue appears to be with reprojecting images. For example, open a jpg image of a USGS quad map that has a jpw referencing the image in UTM coordinates. Say I want to reproject to Geographic (Latitude/Longitude). If you right click on the image object, there is only a "Projection.." option. If I set the project to Geographic under this option, nothing happens. Scatter data has the "Reproject.." option, but Images do not. How can I reproject the image? Thanks, Karl
  5. Prior to Version 11.1, reprojection could be accomplished through the "Edit" menu item "Reproject ..". The dialog box had check box for optionally specifying the "Current projection" and for selecting "New projection". This was extremely useful for converting between various projections. Version 11.1 no longer has these menu items. Version 11.1 has "Reproject All.." under the "Display" menu. It does not let you optionally specify the "Current project". It only lets you specify the Global projection. This is a reduction of functionality when dealing with various projections. Is there anyway to return to the prior methodology for converting coordinate projections? Thanks, Karl
  6. There seems to be an issue with CMS-Wave when implementing "Spectra and wind" for the wave source. For Spectra we are using Jonswap specifying Hs and Tp. If Hs is less than 0.99m the results appear resonable, such that the wave height increases slightly due to wind contribution. However, for Hs equal to or greater than 0.99m there is no effect from the wind. We are using SMS 10.1 Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Karl
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