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  1. Thank you Alan for the detailed reply. But what is wrong with my procedure? Is it unconventional?
  2. Thanks. I have sent an email already. What are the steps one should follow in working with a historic mesh to increase the resolution. Is there any post-processing required after creating the new mesh?
  3. Hello everyone, I am trying to modify a previously done heavy mesh and generating it in a new shape by increasing resolution in my area of interest. Matter is, it is crashing during the run with ADCIRC+SWAN. 1. I made mesh to scatter from that main mesh using SMS 11.1. 2. Reduced the resolution of the whole scatter set by setting nodal tolerance limit. 3. Then, added some nodes at my area of interest manually. 4. Imported the mesh boundaries from the previous mesh and added nodestrings to all of them. 5. Made the polygon and applied scatter to mesh command. 6. Finally interpolated the bathymetry from the previous mesh. Now, SMS model checker is showing that, there is no problem with the new mesh. Also I have added nodal attributes (fort.13) of the previous mesh which got modified by SMS for the new one. I was trying to run it with Isabel (fort.22) & ADCIRC+SWAN model for last few days in a super computing environment. But, it's getting crashed every time after the time step of 600 seconds. Now, I am confused with the matter that, what is going wrong with it? Is it a mesh problem? or I need to create a fresh fort.13 for the mesh? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I may use ETOPO1 to get the raster data.
  5. Hi, How can I make .pts file or scattered data sets from any topography image or DEM file? I am willing to work with a coastal zone using ADCIRC model. But needs to set up the bathymetry of the coast. Is it possible?
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