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  1. Dear all, How can one determine the mean annual wave height over the model grid from the wave model output of all the wave events and the frequency of occurence of each wave event. Can this be done in the dataset toolbox? How can one import the table of frequencies of occurence? Thanks for your assistance Regards Harris
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know whether CGWAVE can output the wave spectrum at a an output point? or, alternatively, is it possible to modify the time step and length of the output time series? I want to use a white noise spectrum as input, say in the band from 20Hz to 200Hz, in order to determine the resonance frequencies of a harbour. If the first component of input spectrum is the T=20sec component, the time interval of the output time series is 1sec and the duration 20sec. If the longest duration component (T=200sec) is first, the time interval is 10sec and the duration 200sec. It appears that the time series outplot plot corresponds to the first component of the input spectrum. Fot this example, to be effective, the output time series should be at least 200sec long and the time interval 1/400sec. In both cases the provided time series is not sufficient to determine the wave spectrum at an output point. Thanks, Harris
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