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  1. Can someone help me out with computing the Mean Annual Precipitation values for a basin being modeled using the USGS NSS equations? The particular basins I'm modeling are in California in the South Coast Region, so I need to compute the Drainage Area (DRNAREA) and Mean Annual Precipitation (PRECIP) values for the equations. What type of GIS data do I need to have WMS compute and populate the PRECIP field? Gridded? Shapefile? I can use the beta of the USGS NSS web app to compute the Avg Annual Precip but I'd rather do it in WMS, because the current USGS web app does not go as far as actually running the regression equation for the basin. I'm doing over 20 basins in the San Gabriel Mountains so if WMS can compute the precip and run the equations, that would be great. Thanks
  2. Thanks Chris, The Data is from an Aerial survey. It is in the form of a comma delimited text file (X,Y,Z) and the elevations are taken on a grid at 5 foot intervals. I've been importing the text file as "survey data" which is basically the same as "tin vertices," if I'm not mistaken. Then I've clipped it down, but the area covered is around 300 acres of the LA River floodplain in downtown Los Angeles, and there is just too must data. I'd like to figure out some way to thin out the points in the flood plain, but retain the points near the river because it is the best resolution I'm going to get for the channel area. This may just be a moot point in this case because the aerial survey did not make any correction to try to remove the buildings, so there are tons of abnormal peaks in the surface. I will probably just abandon this data set and get another one. Thanks for your help though, Clint
  3. Does any one have any tips on how I can increase the memory available to WMS. I'm working with large elevation dataset and while doing things such as building tins, reading in text files (high resolution aerial survey xyz files), delineating floods, etc. I am routinely getting an "Out of Memory" error that forces me to stop what I'm doing, close WMS and open it back up. Usually I can not even save my progress because I get the out of memory error when I try to save as well. My desktop configuration is as follows: Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz E6750 CPU 3.00 GB RAM 32-bit Windows XP Professional SP2 I'm not multitasking while using WMS, and it seems like it can read 2 or 3 (50 MB) elevation data sets before it runs out of memory. Is there a cache I can increase or periodically empty? increase the windows page file size? Any, suggestions would be much appreciated. -Clint
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