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  1. My unsteady RAS model includes a reservoir and a few storage areas am curious to try out the water quality routine in RAS 4.1.0. I know that the computations are based water quality cells, which are mid points between two cross sections. I want to know if there is another way to incorporate a storage area in the model than input its stage vs storage from a DSS? Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks !
  2. Can anyone throw some insight on how to extract data from an adcirc output mesh file? Say for example, I want to view all points where elevation > xxx feet in a separate mesh layer. Output files are in .63 format. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I was curious to see if anyone could list (or provide links) the pros and cons of using "fully developed" design criteria for storm water and hydrological systems design. Fully developed means including all developed that has been zoned to be developed within a watershed. Thanks, Siva
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