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  1. Part of the problem may have been that WMS didn't save the MODRAT Job Control settings between closing and opening my files. It seems that sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.
  2. What's up suzy? I'll get Marcus on your question. He knows MODRAT better than I do.

  3. you should answer my WMS question

  4. whats up clarksicle?

  5. I've been using MODRAT to model a system with multiple detention basins. I'm trying to optimize my design, so I've been tweaking some things and running the model over and over, and sometimes, after I run the model it will give me a message that says "This hydrograph file did not match the active hydrologic tree. Only hydrographs with names corresponding to names on the hydrologic tree were read." Once it happens I don't know how to get anything done unless I start from scratch and completely rebuild the whole tree from scratch. I don't know why this happens, and I haven't pin pointed any trends for when it happens. All I know is that after it happens, all the output file says is "Normal End of MODRAT" with no flows, no information. Any help? update: I've found that it will run without that message, and will give me the one liner output file. So they're probably unrelated. All I want is an output file. It happened again when I ran it after I saved and reopened it. It worked fine before I closed it.
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